About us

We are communicators with an eye for education

We are a consultancy firm specialized in educational institutions with a team of professionals who work in communication, education and institutional procedures to help you make every project possible.

We couldn't do it without our team!

Agustina Cardoso Porta


Degree in Advertising and Institutional Communication (Catholic University of Argentina)

Agustina has taken Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Client Management y UX Writing courses.

She is also a certified teacher by the Austral University.

Agustina started her professional career in La Machi Communication for Good Causes, where she specialized in institutional, education and religious education for several projects, such as The Pope Video, Click To Pray, The Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network, and San Lorenzo School in Lugo's seminary.

Since 2019, Agustina has been the head of the Institutional Communication Department at Mater Ter Admirabilis School. She also works on independent communication projects and is currently completing a Diploma in Communication for Change Management at Austral University.

Lautaro Sconza

Management Consultant

Degree in Business Administration
(Catholic University of Argentina)

Lautaro also has a specialization in Digital Marketing.

He also has taken courses on Community Management, Advanced Advertising and Growth Marketing. He has experience in the business field, including a period of service at Air Liquide, and in the field of education as a religion teacher at the Mater Ter Admirabilis school.

He is currently working at Bimbo Bakeries.

Leadership, social engagement and effective decision making are among his most outstanding skills.

We work as a team to transform your organization.

Communication, people and processes: we develop the appropriate strategies to carry out change management upon these three pillars.

Our name...
"And looking up to heaven, he sighed and said to him, "Ephphatha," that is, "Be opened." Mc. 7, 34.

Ephphatha means "to open." Inspired by the words of Jesus in the Gospel, we've adopted His words to make them our own and open education to communication.

Education opens doors. Communication, too.

Institutional communication creates bridges:
We connect, open up and get to know each other better..

Our choice is based on what we know. With our professional vocation, we can spread the word about educational projects that change the world by 
educating those who will change the world.