Our work

Education opens doors. Communication opens doors. (Prieto Castillo)

To educate communication

We can do it together!

Our objectives

  • We collaborate with your organization to create your own plan for communication.
  • We provide tools to professionalize institutional processes, helping organizations strengthen their identity when faced with their target audience and community.
  • We develop strategies according to the needs of each school. By using current communication skills, we adapt to your institutional ideology by being dynamic, digital, easy to understand, attractive and collaborative.

Our work process

Everything is addapted according to your institutional NDA,

by diving into each school to know and empower your value proposal.

To do so, there are three main pillars:

A - Branding and institutional culture:  Who you are, what your educational project is, your differential value and identity keys that define your culture and discourse.

B - Internal communication: Professionalizing interpersonal relations and "in-house" processes as well as intra-institutional communication (when they belong to religious works, movements, prelatures).

C - External communication: Defining strategies and actions for the media and social networks, develop educational marketing campaigns and advise on the development of relationships with other entities.

Our services

Institutional identity

Let's rethink and redefine your institution's identity from the inside out.

We can work together to design and develop your institutional ideal.

We also provide training for your institutional identity continuity project with different institutional agents.

Institutional communication

We will develop a communication plan tailored to your school and target audience.

We also provide training courses about communication tools and deliver materials for your institutional communications.

Educational marketing

We draw up an action plan for the promotion of your institution, defining institutional goals and objectives beforehand.

A professional and effective admissions process for your institution is developed.

We design advertising campaigns, institutional brochures, institutional videos and email marketing actions, among other strategies to attract students.

Educational partnerships

We support your institution with ongoing consultation sessions.

Training programs and workshops are available to ensure continuity in your communications projects and other institutional procedures.